Mark is focused on improving the quality of life for everyone in Cincinnati so everyone has the opportunity to live in a safe neighborhood, with clean air, water and streets, beautiful parks, thriving small businesses, housing that is affordable, and with a public transit system and trail system that allows everyone to live in the city without a car if they so choose.

I want to build a vibrant Cincinnati for people with thriving neighborhoods

Mark has a record of accomplishment to make Cincinnati Safer, Cleaner, Greener.



  • Reduced pedestrian-vehicle crashes to a 9-year low in 2022 through record investments in traffic calming measures such as speed humps, bump outs and implementing innovations such as Leading Pedestrian Intervals, which reduce crashes by >25%.
  • Improved safety around schools by spearheading the passage of an increase in pay for crossing guards, which had stalled for over a year.
  • Spearheaded the passage of a Complete Streets Ordinance so when the city repaves streets, they are building them for people first vs only to get cars through as fast as possible.
  • Led the reduction of speed limits in the city which for years many said was not possible by redefining “through highways” as city streets. This means reduction in speed limits will occur on a street-by-street basis.
  • Fully funded 2 new police and 2 new fire recruit classes and police overtime to address challenging hot spots
  • Fully funded the Gun Intelligence Unit, which solves >70% of gun crimes vs a national average of 50%


  • Launched the Quality of Life Working Group to address issues around litter, graffiti, overgrown weeds, and other quality of life issues in partnership with the city administration and community councils. This Quality of Life Working Group will kick off in earnest in early 2024.
  • Approved funding to eliminate lead pipes in buildings that could not afford that removal.
  • Personally participated in dozens of neighborhood clean-ups to help clean-up litter in neighborhoods.


  • Led the introduction and passage of the legalization of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), which are a greener form of housing and will yield increases in housing.
  • Doubled investments in urban tree canopy coverage to plant trees in ‘heat island’ neighborhoods that have higher asthma rates as a result.
  • Secured funding through work on OKI Board for multiple ‘road diets’ including on Linn Street, Gilbert Avenue and Harrison Avenue to create more Complete Streets designed for people.
  • Spearheaded the drive to stop expansion of surface parking lots and reuse city vacant and surface lots for more sustainable development.
  • Doubled investment in on-street bike lanes including the completion of the Central Parkway bike lane.
  • Secured funding for lighting in the Avondale portion of the Wasson Way and funding for the College Hill-Northside Connector5 mile trail.

But Mark is only getting started on City Council. In the next 2 years, he will continue to focus on making our city Safer, Cleaner & Greener - improving the quality of life for everyone. And that means also focusing on partnering with Cincinnati Public Schools to reduce the 52% of children that are chronically absent, and the conditions of poverty that prevent them from actively participating in school.

“Juncta Juvant” is our city’s motto for a reason. It means strength in unity. It’s only when we create the conditions for everyone to thrive will we all thrive as a city together!