Mark Jeffreys: Imagining & Building Together

Mark never thought he would run for political office.  The son of an immigrant who came to this country without a dime, after losing his mother at 15, Mark worked his way thru college as a union laborer, janitor and waiter. He went to college at the University of Chicago and business school at Georgetown University after which he spent 16 years at P&G leading brands such as Pampers and Gillette before starting two companies and a non-profit.  Along the way, Mark became a father to CPS children, and a trustee of a neighborhood council and the Cincinnati Parks Foundation. Seeing the positive impact from his service, when he saw a need for seasoned, thoughtful, ‘get it done’ leadership, Mark stepped up to serve on City Council.

Mark's "Get it Done" Mindset Is Real

City Council is meant to be a part-time job.  So in addition to his service on City Council, Mark remains CEO of 4Sight – a machine learning company that he founded. 4Sight has a mission to rid the world of harmful ingredients – ingredients that cause harm to human health and/or the environment by mining big data sets to identify patterns.  Having another ‘hat’ where he has to make payroll every month with a client base of large Fortune 500 companies gives Mark a unique perspective: the sense of urgency that comes with being an entrepreneur.  Mark believes that sense of urgency in public service is important because the problems that people face from affordable housing and safety on our streets to getting job training and having a good public transit system are urgent.

Outside of City Council and 4Sight, Mark also serves as the City of Cincinnati’s representative on the OKI board – the official regional organization that is responsible for distributing federal funding. Given the significant federal investments, this role is critical for our city and region. 

Mark's time outside work is with family

Mark and his wife Pamela live in Clifton.  Pamela is a pediatrician at West Side Pediatrics – an institution for so many folks on the West Side.  Three of their children went to Clark Montessori and Walnut Hills before going off to college, and one remains at home – a junior at Walnut Hills High School.  Mark misses the cross country and track meets, volleyball and lacrosse games and violin recitals, but still gets to experience the Walnut Hills Choir until Nicholas graduates in 2024.

Mark and Pamela are members of Wise Temple and enjoy traveling, going to concerts, reading and taking walks in our Cincinnati Parks.  Mark is an avid runner and can be seen on most days riding his bike down to City Hall or OTR or drinking one of his multiple cups of coffee a day at a neighborhood coffee shop