Mark Jeffreys
For City Council

Safer, Cleaner, Greener

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A safer, cleaner, greener Cincinnati with equitable opportunity.  That’s what Mark Jeffreys is focused on – and getting done on City Council. His work on City Council is only getting started.


Mark Jeffreys

Imagining and building a better life started for Mark with his first job cleaning toilets. The son of an immigrant who came to this country without a dime, Mark grew up working poor, but had a Network of Support including a union job as a laborer that enabled him to pay for college and food stamps to get by when his father had a workplace accident. Mark believes we all succeed only through the help of others. After 16 years at P&G, and creating two companies and a non-profit from scratch, Mark has served on City Council since January 2022 focused on making Cincinnati safer, cleaner and greener. Similar to his experience prior to council building an iconic park experience on our riverfront that is for ALL to enjoy (the P&G goVibrantscape at Smale Park), Mark has been focused on making Cincinnati a more livable city. He and his wife Pamela live in Clifton, and have four CPS children between the two of them: Emery, Victoria, Nicholas and Evelyn (and Gracie...their dog).

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