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The need is urgent for good, effective government that will focus on equitable opportunity.  That means: foster a growing economy with high paying jobs, ensure safe neighborhoods, and empower working families to thrive.  Mark Jeffreys is a Democratic-endorsed candidate & a leader with a track record of humble service to make that happen.


Mark Jeffreys

Imagining and building a better life started for Mark with his first job cleaning toilets. The son of an immigrant who came to this country without a dime, Mark grew up working poor, but had a Network of Support including a union job as a laborer that enabled him to pay for college and food stamps to get by when his father had a workplace accident. Mark believes we all succeed only through the help of others. His Network of Support allowed him to succeed at P&G for 16 years and build a company from scratch, creating jobs for Cincinnatians. But Mark did not pull the ladder up behind him. He has spent years serving to make life better in Cincinnati: building an iconic park experience on our riverfront that is for ALL to enjoy (the P&G goVibrantscape), bringing athletics to hundreds of CPS children who do not have the resources for select leagues, and making streets safer for walking and biking on a neighborhood council. He and his wife Pamela live in Clifton, and have four CPS children between the two of them: Kathryn, Victoria, Nicholas and Evelyn (and Gracie...their dog).

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